La La Land Will Make You a Believer & It’s About Damn Time

The word “magic” gets thrown around a lot, but… Image via IndieWire.

I walked into the movie theatre on Saturday honestly expecting to hate La La Land. It has the most hype for a movie so far this year, and I’m usually disappointed when a movie has this much excitement behind it. But the hype train is real, you guys. And after its record-breaking sweep at the Golden Globes, the hype train has turned into an unstoppable freight train.


This dreamy, pastel-painted Hollywood magic only comes along once every few decades. Living in a post-Debbie Reynolds world and having just pored over Singin’ in the Rain for the millionth time, La La Land was exactly what I needed to start feeling hope about the world again. The songs are catchy, the story is human, and the cinematography is dizzying in the best, dancey way.

It’s not without its problems, though. Most of the women sing in high, falsetto voices, which bothered me, because I know Emma Stone can really sing (she played Sally Bowles on Broadway opposite Alan Cumming, for god’s sake), but whatever doubts I had were lost after “A Lovely Night,” the tap number the 21st century needed, and when Stone’s character Mia gets her spotlight at the end, they finally finally let her belt. I also wish that there had been more songs when the characters were upset or angry, as they have to feel extreme emotions on both ends of the spectrum and not only sing when they’re happy.

But really – these are nitpicky, musical snob things. If you don’t scope the Broadway scene for current ensemblist news like I do, you might not even notice these things.

I’ve heard people say that although they don’t like musicals, they loved this movie. Well, I hate to break it to you, pal – but you like musicals. You just hadn’t seen one up until this point that resonated with you. Musicals can be cheesy, and some of them are plain ol’ just not good, but they can also be political, passionate, and can sweep you off into self-reflection and imagination like only theatre can.

So get out there and go see what is already the most award-winningest film of the 2017 awards season. But if you like it, then go out to your local theatre and give them a shot too. If you love the artists in this movie, you’ll love the Mias and Sebastians of real life who are trying to achieve their dreams.

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