Getting to Know You: Studying Characters

I just finished my first year of Creative Communications and all I can say, in the words of Mark Cohen, is: “I can’t believe a year went by so fast.”

I’m beginning research on my project for next year – writing a novella about a theatre actor. The content research is fun (believe it or not, I love reading and hearing about theatre), but there’s also writing research I have to do. Most of all: how do I create likeable, relatable, round characters?

I found this series, Character Study, on a little while ago, and I have watched every single video since. These short documentaries follow an actor’s pre-show routine and show them getting into character. They talk about who their character is and what it means to play them, which helps me, as a writer, understand each character’s motivation.

Check out this one of Sutton Foster preparing to play Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, and then watch the rest of the videos here.

Do you have any fiction writing tips or getting-into-character tips for me? Leave a comment!


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