In photos: Festival du Voyageur

This year, for my journalism class, I had to go out and shoot a photo essay on Festival du Voyageur. Being on the road soon, as my last blog post states, I had but one opportunity to experience all that the largest western Canadian winter festival had to offer: its opening night. This was only my second time going, and although I speak very (read: very) little French, that didn’t stop me from loving every second. Because I’m getting married at Fort Gibraltar next year, it became a little more special to me during its most beautiful time. Though I scoped through the tents filled with warm, happy people listening to bands and enjoyed my share of maple taffy and mini donuts, please enjoy these photos of the opening ceremony. I only wish I had many layers of furs (and some Sorels) to keep me warm on this -28 C night. Festival is running now through Feb. 21 – make sure to get out and be voyageur! Hé ho!

The crowd assembles before the opening ceremony of the 47th Festival du Voyageur on February 12, 2016./DIANA CHABAI
Daniel Leclair, president of Festival du Voyageur, encourages the crowd to embrace adventure and “be voyageur!”/DIANA CHABAI
Drummers perform and sing for the Festival friendship circle dance./DIANA CHABAI
Marcel Sorin, father of the official voyageur family for 2016, reads his speech before beginning the tree ceremony./DIANA CHABAI
Marcel Sorin performs the tree ceremony, in which low branches from a small tree are removed, leaving only a tuft at the top, and then the whole tree is thrown into the fire./DIANA CHABAI
The 2016 Festival du Voyageur begins with a bang./DIANA CHABAI
The 2016 Festival du Voyageur begins with a bang./DIANA CHABAI

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