You Want a Resolution? I Want a Revelation: New Year, New Shows

It’s gonna be a happy new year. The cast of the Rent movie, via BroadwayWorld.

It’s the new year, and although I should likely be working on curving my habit of eating an entire bag of Mini Eggs in one sitting, my resolution should come as a surprise to no one: see more theatre.

I was fortunate enough to see productions of many shows last year. Half of them were Broadway Across Canada/America tours, but all of the shows I saw were excellent. This year, I’ve decided to see more regional shows hosted by the many theatre companies in Winnipeg.

My father once told me that if I was going to spend money, I should spend it on experiences rather than things. And then I started a very expensive musical theatre hobby. But I’ve never regretted a single cent I’ve spent on those experiences — whether it’s $10 on a fringe show or over $100 on Broadway orchestra tickets, I feel fulfilled every time I leave a theatre. No other form of entertainment can make me feel like live theatre does. So why do I seem to reserve my love for big-budget shows?

This year, I’m turning over a new program, so to speak. I just bought my ticket for the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s production of Billy Elliot, which starts next week and I could not be more excited for Winnipeg Studio Theatre’s Heathers: The Musical starting in March (the off-Broadway show based on the ’80s cult classic). For the first time in three years (I used to spend my Julys elsewhere), I’ll be able to go back to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and see our homegrown talent doing what they do best.

So keep an eye out for more local theatre reviews and talk in the coming year, dear readers. But don’t you worry: I’m always ready to talk about Hamilton.


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