Hedwig and My Infinite Sadness

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.45.03 PM
Co-author John Cameron Mitchell stars in the 2001 Hedwig movie. Image courtesy The Dissolve.

One of my favourite shows, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, closed its doors on Broadway yesterday after a year and a half on the Great White Way.

Shows close all the time on Broadway. Mamma Mia! ended its fourteen-year run this Saturday, September 12. On The Town closed this month too. I never even saw Hedwig live. Why is it that I feel such a connection to shows I’ve never seen?

I realized a while ago that the thing that people need most is other people. We love hearing stories about other people — that’s why the best ones are called “human interest.” Humans of New York is a smashing success. None of the people featured on HONY impact the lives of most of us, and yet the page has millions of likes. We love seeing those photos.

Going to see a musical is like going to see a movie — except it’s better. It’s life, live on stage in front of you and anything could happen. You see people screaming and crying and singing and dancing and it’s all real. Hedwig is an incredibly personal story — it’s 90 minutes long with no intermission and the actors are on stage almost all of the time. You go on an emotional journey with the actors over that time as you listen to Hedwig tell you her stories. What else could be better?

Hedwig is going on tour, starting in San Francisco, and there are also plans for a West End run. Until then, 44th Street will be lonely without the largest East German personality this side of the wall.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris kill “Sugar Daddy” at the 2014 Tony Awards:


2 thoughts on “Hedwig and My Infinite Sadness

  1. The film adaptation was so beautiful. This is a show that would totally be better as a live act. Wasn’t there a company doing Hedwig in Winnipeg recently? I remember being disappointed with not being able to go.


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